VIDEO: What Would You Do To Get Back Your Data?

Poor, sad Dawson. I wonder if he dropped his phone in the creek? Or maybe he lost Joey’s number? He’d probably do anything to get it back- but for now, he’s just going to cry.

What about you? What would you do for that ONE phone number? That ONE essay or proposal you’d pulled an all-nighter to finish?

Watch this hilarious video and see what these guys (and gals) would do for their lost data:



Data loss is real. Sometimes it’s just annoying and sometimes it’s world shattering (or maybe it just feels like it). It happens when you least expect it, and if we sat around all day and thought about all the ways we could lose our stuff, we’d be cowered in a corner.


And so, most of us don’t think about it all. Until the inevitable happens.

  • Microsoft Office crashes and autosave fails you and your printer jams.
  • You drop your phone in the toilet (or leave it on top of your car and drive off into the sunset.)
  • Your hard drive meets its maker.
  • You spill a drink on your laptop.


There’s more, so much more. But you get the point. Your stuff is gone. You panic. You grieve. You accept. You don’t have to accept it, or cry like Dawson- at least not because of data loss. Learn more about data loss and how to protect yourself via the links below.

Data Loss: The 5 Stages of Grief

The Secret to Disaster Proof Data 


But what if you could get it back? What would you do? Is there a limit or would you do anything? What if in your state of bargaining, your wish came true?


You’ve watched the video, now tell me what you’d do to get your data back! And be sure to check out our YouTube channel HERE for more videos.


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