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VIDEO: Singing The Data Loss Blues

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Data loss is a bummer. It happens to all of us at some point in our electronic device using lives, it meets its fate. Sometimes by no fault of our own, and sometimes by accident. And yes, occasionally on purpose.

In the end, it’s super sad times. After all, our gadgets do more than perform (or not) cool tricks. How many pictures you have on your phone, computer, digital camera, tablet, etc… Now, whens the last time you backed those up?


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The truth is, there are ways to protect yourself. A LOT of backup software companies exist, as do a LOT of backup options for whatever your need may be- business, personal, etc… Some, like Acronis do it all. Some, like AVG  concentrate on antivirus solutions.

With that in mind, I’m guessing we can all relate to the video below- “I Lost My Data”



A lot can be learned about the importance of data backup from this song. Namely, that it’s sad. And it’s definitely blues-song-inducing. But there’s hope! There’s really no reason you absolutely have to sing the data loss blues, or grieve your data loss. 

Tell us what you think below? Can you relate?

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