Keep Your Software Up to Date or Lose it All

Few of us have the patience needed to allow our activities to be interrupted while the computer starts installing a new, impromptu update. However, these updates tend to serve an important purpose in ensuring the security of our computers. How so? Let’s review.


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What Software Patches Do

Software patches are intended to weed out any bugs that may threaten the security of your computer. Different threats such as viruses and malware are waiting for the opportunity to infect your computer when you go online and these updates are present to ensure that these threats never come to fruition. You may think that your antivirus will take care of any malware present but it alone is not enough.

When your computer suggests a reboot of your computer in order to install the recommended updates, you may be tempted to ignore it as your computer seems to be working perfectly well. However, their necessity is something which most users are unaware of. Viruses are continuing to evolve and exploit any loophole in your computer’s security to attack it successfully. Updates are required in order to combat the evolving nature of the viruses.

So, you have a choice. Keep your software up to date, or suffer the consequences. Disaster may not strike every time you click “later” but do you really want to gamble with your data?


Importance of Updates

The updates serve a number of functions, which include optimizing the resources being utilized on your operating system, adding new features which are more secure, fixing any security holes, updating drivers in order to increase the efficiency of their software and removing unprotected, old features from your computer.

Updates are not a frivolous addition to your computer. They are present to make sure that your computer functions smoothly and is free from any hindrance, which is why you should update your computer, every chance you get. After all, why would you not avail the benefits of something which you have already paid for?

Patches are more of a proactive approach than a reactive one. Its main purpose is to avoid any viruses getting into the system at all as opposed to getting rid of viruses which have affected your computer.

While update alerts may only cause you annoyance and you may view them as an inconvenience, they are a necessity if you want your computer to operate smoothly while ensuring that your data remains protected.

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