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How to Prepare for Computer Repair

We all know the sinking feeling in our heart at the moment our laptop decides to stop working. When pressing the power button dozens of times, praying, and finally begging the laptop to start do not create any positive solutions, it is time to give up and finally send the laptop for repair. But how do you prepare for computer repair?


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Unfortunately, the repair guys are only human, and humans tend to be a bit curious. This is why it is pretty common for the person responsible for fixing your computer to look around the data you have stored in the computer and in some cases, may actually copy the content to his own hard drive. Hence, if you’ve got any ‘private’ pictures or folders, you should keep some of the following tips in mind.


Privacy Policy

Try to find out what sort of privacy policy the computer repair shop you are going to adheres to. You should know whether the shop will do all it can to ensure that your privacy is protected while you also need to be aware of what the company will do if any data is leaked while the computer is in its care.


Transfer Data

You should make sure that no private data remains on the computer. If there is anything on the computer that you would not want others to see, get rid of it before sending the computer for repair.


Backup Data

Furthermore, you should take care to save all your information on an external hard drive instead of the main hard drive. Make sure that you remove the external hard drive before bringing the laptop in for repair.

You need to back up your data on a regular basis or you may end up losing a significant amount of data when you send your computer in to be repaired.

As an extra precautionary measure, you should also look to encrypt your data so that the repair guy is unable to access it. Of course, the computer repair tech is a “good guy”, but maybe we should always take a few extra steps to make sure we’re protected. Just in case.



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