8 Creative Ways to Destroy Your Laptop

Laptops are notoriously easy to ruin. It’s almost like they don’t even want to survive. If natural selection had its way, the laptop would never have been able to replace the harder-to-destroy desktop computers.

With this in mind, laptops do get by with a little help from their destructive friends: you and me. Here are a few creative, yet common ways to destroy your laptop- as noted by computer repair shops.

  1. TKO: You’re frustrated. Maybe someone outbid you on ebay. Maybe your significant other broke up with you via Skype. Maybe you got your butt kicked by flappy bird. And so, you punch your laptop. It’s a TKO. This could end up costing you $1000, though the feeling of relief that the punch will garner may be priceless.
  2. Throw Down: Similar to the TKO, the throw down occurs in a rush of anger and frustration. A girl threw her laptop off her desk in disgust after discovering that her boyfriend has posted a photo of him kissing another girl. Now, not only is her boyfriend cheating on her, she is stuck with a repair cost of around $475. She sure showed him, didn’t she?
  3. Flying High: If you’re a pilot or frequent flyer, don’t place your laptop on the floor- at least without caution. Just ask the pilot that moved his seat forward while adjusting it. He destroyed his logic board to the tune of $800.
  4. Bodily Fluids: Im just going to leave this to your imagination. Sure, I could be talking about vomit. For more possibilities see THIS post. Fluids and laptops do not mesh- bodily or otherwise.
  5. Benders:  Apparently, drinking is not only bad for your body, but for your laptop as well, because if you pass out on top of the laptop, you may bend its body or damage the screen, which will require a few hundred dollars to fix.
  6. Step Stools: Yes, it is hard to believe, but people actually step on their laptops to give them a boost of around 1 inch. Certainly not worth the almost certainly destroyed laptop you are going to end up with.
  7. Earbuds: People often forget their earbuds in their laptops and close the lid, which can severely damage the screen. This can also be achieved with pens and pencils. Yes, I’ve done it.
  8. Gravity: What goes up, must come down. Drop your laptop from a height greater than 2 feet and you will be looking at a hefty repair cost that can go up to $500.

Of course, preparation is key. You can choose not to punch or otherwise physically abuse your laptop, but for the clumsy inclined, disaster may be inevitable. So, back your data up regularly. A laptop is a laptop, and those repair bills are not fun, but your data is worth a lot more.

Check out this post for more tips on disaster proofing your data. As for your laptop, it won’t last forever.

Have you broken a laptop? Tell us about your experience!

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