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6 Reasons You Really Hate Online Backups

It is perfectly reasonable for you to be afraid of backing up your data online. At least, that’s what you tell yourself. And let’s face it, it’s not like your fears aren’t entirely unjustified.  But let’s be honest: The hacker lurking in the internet netherworld isn’t the main reason you hate online backup over the conventional hard drive backup.

Here is a list of why you really hate online backup.


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Isn’t that the reason why we hate everything that involves the slightest bit of work? Well, it may seem harsh, but it’s probably true (read how we know you better than you know yourself). Procrastinating and putting things of is a hobby that few among us will claim to not be a part of. However, your data will not wait for you to stop lazing around and actually back it up. Yes, what is the world coming to when hackers have so little concern for other people?

Yes, it may be frustrating to have to look for the best online backup, but once you do that, you never have to worry about your data again.



People are afraid of storing their data online as they do not have control over what happens there. It is a genuine concern, but the let the tech people take care of you; it’s what they’ve been doing for a long, long time. Once you choose your company for online backup, let it take care of you; of course, you are expected to run a background check on the company or it’s really your own fault if something goes wrong.


It’s Slooooooooow

Online backup is obviously slower than local backups, but with the progress we have made, it is an insult to think that online backups will take you all year. This may be a problem in some countries, but in most countries, you can easily get high speed internet or at least internet with decent speed, which will have your data backed up online in the background.

While the initial data backup may take a couple of weeks, after that you will only need to update the data which won’t take long at all.


You can obviously do better

95% of data is lost due to human error; do you really think you can beat the odds and be in the 5%?

While it is a good idea to know and understand what is going on with your data backup and the science behind it, letting the pros handle it will not go amiss either. However, if you’re really sure you belong to the 5%, you can do it yourself.


Lack of features

A person wants what a person wants (as little sense as it may make). Look, your backup system is not going to rearrange your files in alphabetical order. They have one job and that is to make sure that the data remain safe and if they do that correctly, there is little cause for complaint.


More storage please!

If you think online backup plans offer limited storage and are certainly not enough to store your mammoth data, then you need to improve your researching skills; different services such as Backblaze offer you unlimited online storage for an annual fee. What more could you possibly want?


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